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Hydroxychloroquine Shortage

Hydroxychloroquine Shortage

Hydroxychloroquine Shortage

The primary drug that many of us take to manage our lupus is hydroxychloroquine, otherwise known as Plaquenil.  Many of us are due for medication refills, but our pharmacies are out of stock.  COVID-19 has caused a temporary supply chain challenge, and the cost of this medication has, in some regions, become out of reach for many patients.    

The Lupus Stockpile is here to help during the hydroxychloroquine shortage.  We are patient advocates who have sponsored a container of hydroxychloroquine at a leading compounding pharmacy.  It is set aside for lupus patients with bonafide prescriptions.

Your prescription can be mailed to you by USPS if you live in Maryland, Virginia, DC, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Florida, Georgia or West Virginia.  The pharmacy accepts most insurance plans; if your insurance plan does not cover the prescription, we will cover the cost and the shipping.   

Important Disclaimer:  The Lupus Stockpile is NOT selling, reselling, dispensing or otherwise brokering any medication-related transactions.  We are a patient-sponsored project to facilitate access to medication for lupus patients during  this extraordinary time of need. 


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Hydroxychloroquine Shortage

Hydroxychloroquine Shortage

If you have a prescription and need a refill of  hydroxychloroquine, please contact the pharmacy by phone 703-779-3301 or fax 703-443-2283 to have your prescription filled.  Be sure to mention the Lupus Stockpile to have the cost of the medication and shipping covered.

There are four easy steps:

  1. Determine if you live in the following states: Maryland, Virginia, DC, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Florida, Georgia, West Virginia.
  2. Call in your prescription to be refilled as you would at your local pharmacy. Phone 703-779-3301.
  3. Provide the codeword "Lupus Stockpile" to the pharmacy.
  4. Determine if your insurance covers the prescription. If it does not, that's okay. Our patient group will cover the cost of the medication and shipping, no questions asked.

As fellow patients, we understand the struggle that you may be facing during this time. We don't want you to go without your medication, and we're here to help.


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Hydroxychloroquine Shortage

I Want to Help

If you are a conventional pharmacy or compounding pharmacy that wishes to participate in the Lupus Stockpile and expand our geographic impact, please contact 571-346-7612. 

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